Sunday, 5 April 2015

Far Away from Me - A Modern fairytale

Yesterday, Ruby and I went to Draiocht in Blanchardstown to see Far Away from Me.
It was absolutely fantastic, a real treat of athletics, dance and drama, True performance art.  A theatre full of young children and their parents were transfixed for the full hour of the show.

The set and costume design were by the wonderful and talented Trim native, Maree Kearns.

Here's the description from The Ark website:

'World premiere of a brand new theatre show by Amy Conroy, inspired by The Princess and the Pea and infused with the excitement of aerial performance, dance music and great storytelling.
Kevin is a little prince…at least that’s what his mum tells him.
Kevin likes the idea of this, of being a prince on a horse, a beautiful brown horse with a white splotch down his nose, and galloping across the kingdom. His kingdom.
From his bedroom behind the eighth door, on the eighth floor of a tall building (one of eight in a row), Kevin can go. And he wants to go. Far away from here.  So his towering imagination takes him on some high-flying adventures. But there’s a storm coming and he needs to decide what’s real and what’s not real as his fast paced fantasies land with a spectacular bump right there on his bed.
Far Away From Me is written by award-winning writer Amy Conroy and is inspired by the classic story of The Princess and The Pea. And when we say 'inspired by', we mean that the show takes the story as you think you know it, turns it on its head and flying through the air until it becomes a very modern, exciting retelling of the fairy tale world and characters of the original. Bringing your children to see the show is sure to give you a fun family arts experience that will be long lasting and will provoke lively family discussions!'

It really is a great show, if you get a chance to catch any of the remaining performances, do go!

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