Friday, 10 April 2015

My first time.. at Boyne Writers' Group!

Last night I went to my first writers' meeting with the lovey group that produces Boyne Berries.

They very kindly published two pieces of mine in the past;  one poem and one short story.

Must admit, I was a little bit nervous going to the group and wasn't sure what to expect.  Everyone brings something  that they have been working on, either poetry or prose, they read it out themselves and then everyone comments.

Sounds terrifying, doesn't it? 

But it wasn't, I had nothing to be worried about at all, it was lovely to be with a group of lovely people who love to write and I look forward to many more lovely evenings with them.

If you are interested in writing and would welcome some friendly support, Boyne Writers meet every second Thursday in Trim.

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